Burning Tongue Syndrome: Taming The Fire

What is burning tongue syndrome? The mouth is not really burning but there is a painful burning sensation felt in the lips, tongue, gums, palate, inside of cheeks, throat and back of the mouth. This chronic condition can cause constant discomfort. Causes of burning tongue syndrome can be physical abnormalities in the mouth and under medical disorders.

Burning Mouth SyndromeBurning Tongue Syndrome
It is also called the burning lips syndrome, scalded mouth syndrome, glossodynia, burning mouth syndrome and stomatodynia. This condition is quite complicated and until now, it is still poorly understood. Burning tongue syndrome is more common among middle-aged people. Menopausal women can be affected 7 times more than men.

Did You Just Eat Something Spicy?
How will you know if you are suffering from burning tongue syndrome or just ate something incredibly spicy? The first symptom is when there is a burning and painful sensation that is usually felt in the morning. The pain and burning sensation progresses throughout the day and it will peak in the evening. There are suffers that experience intermittent pain while others feel continuous pain. This sensation can last from months to years. Dry lips, dry mouth, sore lips, tingling of the tip of the tongue and metallic tastes are other symptoms of burning tongue syndrome.

Relief From Pain
The best way to get your burning tongue syndrome treated is to consult a doctor. There might be underlying medical conditions that need to be checked. On the other hand, you can do simple things to relieve you from the pain. Avoid using mouthwash with an alcohol ingredient and avoid using toothpaste with a sodium lauryl sulfate ingredient. You should avoid chewing sugarless gum and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. You should stop smoking tobacco. Furthermore, you will have to stop drinking acidic beverages and sipping water from ice cubes.

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