Treat Nasty-Looking Bruises Alone At Home

BruiseBruises are painful and unpleasant looking especially for the ladies. Bruises are very visible among fair-skinned individuals. Bruises can happen any time no matter how cautious you are. Most often, you do not have an idea how you had the bruise in the first place. Nasty-looking violet colored bruises are unsightly and before it gets really dark, you should do something about it. With simple home remedies, you can treat your bruise alone at home.

Comfrey Tea
Do you have comfrey tea at home? You are in luck because this kind of tea can help treat your simple bruise. As long as the bruise does not have tissue lesions, you can use comfrey tea to lessen the bruising. Simply dip the comfrey tea in boiling water. Soak the bandage and apply on the bruised area. Leave it there for an hour.

Cabbage Leaves
Surely, you have delicious cabbage leaves at home. Do you know that you can use cabbage leaves as bandages for your bruise? Wash the cabbage leaves and smash with a roller. Apply the leaves on the bruised area and replace with new leaves after 3 hours.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Vinegar is a good cleaning solution and it is great in removing kitchen odors. Aside from that, apple cider vinegar can treat simple bruises as well. Mix apple cider vinegar with water and soak a towel in the mixture. Apply the towel on the bruise several times in a day.

Instantly after getting the bruise, you can prevent it from turning into a violet color if you use ice. Apply cold pack on the newly bruised area immediately after injury and the bruise will heal a lot faster.

All these home remedies can really help your bruise from getting worse but do not expect results overnight. Bruises will not go away in just a matter of hours. Nonetheless, by using these home ingredients, you can lessen the tissue trauma and making it look worse.

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