Breast Care Tips To Keep Your Breasts Healthy And Appealing

Sagging breast is not only caused by aging, it can be due to weight changes and hormonal changes. Women with sagging breasts feel less confident of their appearance. Often, they turn to cosmetic surgery and have a breast lift. You should know that there are natural ways to care for your breasts and keep them healthy looking and appealing. Checkout some of these breast care tips to help you.

Perform Breast Exercises
To fight sagging skin around the breast, tone it through exercising. You will need a dumbbell to work out the breasts. Lie down on a mat facing the ceiling and hold one dumbbell on each hand. Raise your arms together and bend the elbows slightly. The dumbbells should meet above your chest. Repeat this 13-15 times. Another exercise you can do is to hold a dumbbell on each hand and do backward circles with it. You can do 15 small circles and gradually widen the circles. Watch this video below for simple breast exercises by Natalie Cranston:

Eat The Right Food For Your Breasts
To make the breasts look supple and young, avoid eating animal fat. Instead, opt for eating fatty fish and use virgin olive oil in your food. When you cook meals, make sure there are anti-oxidant ingredients there like onion, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli and tomatoes. Anti-oxidant rich foods will prevent cancer. To help in toning your breasts, you will need to eat protein. Protein helps in providing collagen in the skin. You must avoid drinking cola, coffee, strong tee and alcohol.

Wear The Right Bra
If you want to avoid sagging breasts, you must always wear the right bra. The bra should fit right and you should be very comfortable with it. When exercising, you should wear a good sports bra. Even if you have small breasts, wearing a sports bra is necessary to minimize sagging especially when you start to jump and run around.
Watch this video below to learn if you’re wearing the right bra size:

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