Possible Causes Of Your Full Body Rash

Skin rashes are caused by an external skin problem like skin allergies. This is more common compared to a full body rash. If you are suffering from a full body rash, you may have an internal health problem. It is important to get yourself checked immediately before your health condition becomes more complicated. Consider the full body rash as a manifestation there is something seriously wrong with your body.

Thyroid Disorder
When your thyroid gland is overly producing thyroxine, it can either lead to hyperthyroidism or a widespread body rash called Graves’ dermopathy. The overproduction of thyroxine in the body is caused by a disorder in the immune system. What happens is that the immune system attacks the thyroid gland resulting to an imbalance of hormones.

Digestive System Disorder
There are number of digestive system disorders that can be causing your full body rash. The Celiac disease is a disorder where in intestinal tract does not absorb the gluten protein from foods. The immune system sees the gluten as a threat and will react by destroying the villi lining of the intestine. When the villi lining is damaged, a person will be nutrient efficient and one manifestation is dermatitis herpetiformis, a full body rash.

Liver and kidney disorders can cause a full body rash too. The kidney and liver filters the toxic substances in the bloodstream. If these two organs are not working properly, the toxic substances will build up and will manifest through skin outbreaks.

Drug Allergy
On a lighter note, you can have a full body rash without having an internal health problem. If you are taking prescribed medication that you are allergic to, the body rash serves as an allergic reaction. The medication can be taken either orally or topically. You can be allergic with antifungal drugs like clotrimazole or fluconazole. Antibiotics can also cause body rashes as well as some pain medications.

Body Rash Home Remedies

  •  Simply rub some baking powder on the area to fight a skin rash.
  •  Olive Oil and Cod Liver Oil will help relieve the rash. Just gently apply to the area affected for a few days until you see the improvement.
  •  Toothpaste can be applied to the body rash area. It includes mint and helps cool and reduce itching and pain.
  •  Finely chopped potato and a cup of raw oatmeal in the bath water and after a soak for a little while you should feel relief from the itching.
  •  Tea made with chamomile can be used to wash the rash area to find relief.
  •  Take a leaf of aloe vera and squeeze the pulpy gel over the affected area.
  •  Basil and/or Mint leaves can be applied on the rashes for fast relief.
  •  Warm a slice of bread slightly and place over the affected area to attain relief.
  •  A smear of almond oil can also be applied to the rash will result in fast relief.
  •  A Vitamin C diet helps the skin stay healthy so eat plenty of citrus fruits.

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