Dealing with Body Odor

On this earth each and every organism has a unique Body Odor. In case of human beings these odors are originated because of the presence of naturally occurring bacteria present on the various skin secretions like sweat etc. Therefore if the skin is not cleaned thoroughly, then the bacteria regenerates on the sweat, which cause a sticky substance that entangles dirt. This is what causes body odor thus leading to a very pungent smell with the acronym of B.O!


To Prevent body odor, add a cup of vinegar and a cup of camphor oil to the bathing water.

•  You can use baking soda as a body talcum powder.

Adding a teaspoon of alum to bath water works well.

Every day after taking bath, one might use tepid water along with 1 tablespoon honey for the last rinse, as an effective Body Odor Cure.

A small cup of tea-tree oil added to one bucket of water may be used after a bath. It helps to fight what causes body odor effectively.

Add a few drops of rose water mixed with bath water. It not only prevents body odor, but it helps maintain a feeling of long-lasting freshness.

One of the important body odor remedies is to reduce the intake of all foods which are difficult to digest like mutton, ice creams, rich and oily desserts, very hot and spicy eateries, pickles, etc.

Never ever consume foods that are very hot or are too much cold.

Another important remedy is to include plenty of green and leafy vegetables in daily meals. This supplies the all-important roughage needed for the excretion of wastes from the system. It’s of the utmost importance to keep the digestive system clean.

Inclusion of fresh fruit is most importance. Try to avoid greasy food.

Finally we must drink at least two to three liters of water every day as because fluids are highly important to remove the toxic elements from our digestive system.

One of the most effective practices to reduce personal odor is exercise. A lot of bad things can be dealt with by sweating.

Body odor can be prevented, or at least greatly reduced. If you do all the aforementioned things and still have much of the same problem, it may be time to see a physician.

Watch this short video about body odor:

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