Breast Feed Properly By Treating Blocked Milk Ducts

As a new mother, you want to give the best nourishment for your newborn baby. Breast milk is very healthy and it is a fulfilling moment to give your child your own milk. However, if you have blocked milk ducts, breastfeeding your baby will be difficult to do. In fact, if you are experiencing breastfeeding problems now, blocked milk ducts are the usual culprit.

Are Your Milk Ducts Blocked?
Your milk ducts are blocked if you feel a hard lump and that is hot and tender. If you feel pain when the breast is full of milk and after breastfeeding, the milk ducts might be plugged. If you nurse on the side where you feel a lump and it is painful during the milk let down, your milk duct is probably blocked. Some mothers with plugged milk ducts have a decrease milk supply while some have thick grainy milk. If you have a lump, bruising might be visible after the lump is gone.

Unplugging Milk Ducts
When milk ducts are blocked or plugged, your baby and you will not enjoy the breastfeeding experience. You find it uncomfortable and painful while your baby may not be getting enough milk. To unplug the milk ducts, you can try breast pumping every 2 hours to empty the milk supply. If it is painful to breastfeed your baby directly, use an electric pump.
You can put a warm and moist compress on the breast where the baby is feeding to facilitate the flow of milk. Do this before pumping or nursing. Another way to improve the flow of milk is to soak the breast in warm water with Epsom salts. In addition, you can take a warm shower while massaging the swollen part of the breast. Massage from the top area towards the nipple.

Massaging the breast can help loosen the milk.
You can try dangle feeding and use gravity to unblock the milk ducts. Experiment on different positions to find out where the milk flows better. For pain, apply cold compress after nursing. Drink plenty of fluids, eat well and do not wear tight bras.

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