Are You Constantly Belching?  Stop The Embarrassment Now

BelchingWhen you are out in public, it feels embarrassing to belch or burp in front of people. Although, it is a natural physical response of the body, it still does not look or even smell good. Belching is a way to force the excess air in the intestinal tract out of the body. Occasional belching is not harmful but when you experience excessive belching, it may be a sign of stomach problems.

Causes Of Excessive Belching

One of the causes of excessive belching is when you swallow large amounts of air through eating quickly, sipping drinks from a straw, drinking carbonated drinks and chewing gum. If you are a smoker, you are more likely to belch frequently too. Aside from the constant belching, you may experience some stomach pains as well.

Another cause of excessive belching is indigestion. A symptom of indigestion is heartburn. It is caused by acid reflux, which is a symptom of peptic ulcer. Heartburn can also be a sign that the spicy food you ate did not sit well with your tummy. When the stomach acid goes up the esophagus, a natural reaction is to swallow more air to burp more. As a result, the constant swallowing causes excessive belching and be embarrassing.

Stopping The Embarrassment

To treat excessive belching, you should check your eating habits. You can try eating slower so the air you swallow is limited. It will be best to avoid carbonated drinks, as this will reduce the air and gas in your stomach. In addition, you can lessen drinking from a straw to cut down the air you ingest. If you experience heartburn often, taking antacids can reduce acid reflux, which will lessen belching too. However, if these things do not work, you might have a serious stomach disorders like ulcer or gastro paresis. Consult a doctor and get it checked so you stop your excessive belching.

Belching Home Remedies

Hold it back. Burping can produce an excessive sense of relief that chronic burping will encourage one to burp many times. Repeated burping brings on more burping so try to hold it back.
Smoking. Another reason to quit smoking is when you inhale you are swallowing large amounts of air that brings on more belching.
Gum and candy. Chewing gum and sucking hard candy encourages air swallowing.
Check dentures. Improper or a loose fit can cause you to swallow air — and belch.
Dinner table. Remember the rule ‘not to talk with your mouth full’? Chewing food with your mouth open makes you swallow air.
Eat leisurely. When you toss down food and beverages fast you are swallowing excessive amounts of air. Also stuffing the stomach with too much to digest, which cause gaseous buildups.
Remain calm. Unease and stress can cause you to swallow more often, which increases the amount of air taken in. Practice breathing slowly and deeply when you begin to feel stressed.
Limit soda beverages. Drinking carbonated beverages creates air in the stomach.
Don’t use straws. Sipping through a straw causes you to swallow more air than drinking.
Stay on the go. After you eat, do some exercise like walking. Activity will force the air out.
Keep a log. Keeping a list of foods and beverages consumed that brought on belching will help you narrow down certain foods that you need to take less of, like dairy products.
Drink lemon juice. Combine 1 teaspoon lemon juice with 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in a cup of cool water and drink after meals.
Papaya. It’s bursting with an enzyme called papain that can help get rid of gas.
Yogurt. Eat yogurt with live cultures daily to aid digestion.
Caraway. Caraway seeds calm the digestive tract. You can eat them straight or add to a salad.
Cumin. Mix equal amounts of roasted fennel, cumin and celery seeds, take about 1 teaspoon after a meal, chewing the mixture well, and then drink a half cup of warm water to chase it down.
Peppermint. Take one teaspoon dried peppermint, pour a cup of boiling water over that and let it steep about 5 or 6 minutes then drink it down after it cools.

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