Athlete’s foot (tineapedis) is an infection of the feet that is caused by fungus. Signs and symptoms of athlete’s foot are primarly related to skins abnormalities, such as cracked and peeling skin. Blisters may occur, as well as a burning sensation. Typically, athlete’s foot can be cured by a medicated ointment, but there are a few, natural, home remedies one can use to treat this fungal infection.

Athletes Foot Home Remedies

Tea tree oil has been used throughout Australia for many applications, mostly skin treatment home remedies. There is evidence produced by two studies that tea tree oil can be applied to athlete’s foot as home remedies. This can be due to the antiseptic properties of the tea tree oil, which has the ability to kill bacteria and fungus. Tea tree oil is readily available in health stores and is found in a concentrated extract or lotion.

Another popular home remedy is the solanumchrysotrichumherb (commonly known as sosa). This herb is indigenous to Mexican homeopathic medicine for fungal foot infections. In 2003, a clinical study was done with 101 participants using s.chrysotrichumcream for four weeks. There was a 75 percent reduction in the signs and symptoms of athlete’s foot in 96 percent of those prescribed s. chrysotrichum.

In 2000, lactoferrin (600mg/2000mg) was issued to individuals with mild cases of athlete’s foot to determine lactoferrin’s effectiveness when given orally. The study lasted eight weeks and concluded that lactoferrin can be effective treating athlete’s foot when given orally. However, this study was very small only including thirty-seven adult. Another source for athlete’s foot home remedies.

The best treatment for athlete’s foot is prevention. There are many home remedies for athlete’s foot but the key is prevention.  Be sure to keep your feet and shoes dry, especially between your toes. Fungus can thrive in warm, damp environments. Use cotton socks, and socks should be changed daily to avoid fungal growth.
Some cases of athlete’s foot may not be fully cured with alternative medicine.

For more serious cases of athlete’s foot, please seek the advice of a physician for more traditional and homeopathic treatment options or home remedies.

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