Majority of the adolescents suffering from asthma are known to be allergic to several allergic agents. The asthmatic condition gets triggered and aggravates even when the affected person gets exposed to low grade allergens in the environment.  Allergies are known to play a key role in asthmatic people when they are not diagnosed and treated effectively. Certain factors are known to predispose the person to asthma during their childhood and these factors include second hand smoke, cold weather, pollen dust, pollution, upper respiratory tract infections such as cold, and psycho-emotional factors like crying, anxiety, stress and so on. However, people suffering from asthma can lead an active life and stay healthy by properly managing the asthma. This includes avoiding the triggering factors of asthma, healthy lifestyle, and regular intake of anti-asthmatic drugs, following the instructions cautiously and by the effective management of asthma attack.Most of the parents are often concerned about the progression of the disease in their children as they grow older. However, the outcome of the disease varies from one child to other child. Although, some asthmatic children may get better on attaining their teenage, however some children’s condition may get worsened as they reach their teenage years. Moreover, half of the children suffering from asthma basically outgrow their condition but may develop the symptoms after sometime.

Sports and Asthmatic Teenagers

Most of the parents often doubt if their children can participate in activities like sports. The solution can be yes as well as no. Some children are more likely to have an asthma attack by performing active games like running however an asthmatic teenager can take part in sports with the help of proper treatment. The airway function can be enhanced by performing special aerobic exercises as they have an ability to strengthen the respiratory muscles. Following regular muscle stretching exercises before and after exercises could help to actively participate in sports. Nose breathing exercises are helpful and it is important to ensure that the airways are passed by the humidified air. Before the youngsters begin exercising, their parents should be watchful about their regular intake of prescribed drugs and a reliever should be carried along always as it saves one’s life on encountering an asthma attack. In addition, teenagers suffering from asthma are advised to wear mouth maskto avoid cold air.

Remedies Review

A proper coordination is important among the child, physician, family members and school staff in order to ensure that the youngster does not experience problems in the school. It could be helpful to discuss the issue with school teacher, nurses and various other staff members in the school to make sure that your child may not experience problems when an asthma attack occurs. In addition, the parents should inform to the school staff that their kid should be treated normally after the attack resolves and extracurricular activity coach should be informed about the asthma condition so that proper care is taken when an asthma attack occurs during exercising. It is important to obtain check the school premises, availability of ambient air, and other allergens in the school before applying for your kid’s school admission. The school authorities should properly follow certain precautions to avoid allergy inducing products in the school surroundings as it should not hinder the health of asthmatic teens.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the school staff to treat asthmatic teens normally since special treatment could lead to serious psychological problems.