Despite being one of the oldest diseases that affect mankind, arthritis has no known exact cause. It consists of the inflammation of the joints and progresses as a person ages, usually after the age of 30.
This crippling disease can be treated, however, with home remedies that are natural, safe and healthy. These improve the condition of the patient and relieve pain without causing side effects, as many prescription drugs would. The latter prevent the cartilage from rebuilding itself, thus aggravating the disease in the long term, despite the short term pain relief.

Home Remedies

These are a few home remedies that can be used to hopefully cure arthritis, or at least improve its condition:
olive oil for home remedies1. Warm olive oil or vinegar massages.
Regularly massaging the affected joints with warm olive oil has been proved to reduce the inflammation in the joints. Alternatives to warm olive oil are warm vinegar or any other type of oil. A good idea is to massage the area just before going to bed every night.

2. Steam baths and salt baths.
Bathing is not only relaxing, but it also provides relief from arthritis, because it removes the tension from the joints. Adding a cup of Epsom salt to a regular bath or taking a steam bath are both proven to be very beneficial.

3. Dietary improvement.
Home remedies include having a healthy diet, rich in vitamins, proteins and calcium is essential to keeping arthritis at bay and improve joint mobility. Some foods that are particularly useful are: ginger, eggplant, potato, cranberry and honey. These are rich in vitamins such as vitamin E, but they are also useful at relieving pain. For example, ginger is known to be a very powerful anti-inflammatory, superior to prescription drugs. Bear in mind that sugary, overly sweet foods should be avoided as much as possible.

The above home remedies are useful for treating arthritis the natural way, without having to deal with the side effects of conventional treatment options.

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