Primary Causes Of Anorexia Among Teenage Girls Today

When you turn the TV on, you can hear news about celebrities that are anorexic. Celebrities feel the pressure of always looking good in front of the camera. Sadly, more and more teenage girls today are becoming anorexic. It is not because they follow the footsteps of their favorite celebrities but it is because they also feel the pressure of society to be skinny. Although the media is trying to turn things around by saying that skinny is not beautiful, the images in magazines and advertisements say otherwise.


Anorexia is an eating disorder that is linked with a person’s emotions and mentality. People who suffer from anorexia are scared of gaining weight so they starve themselves. Anorexics believe that to be skinny is beautiful and that being skinny will get them accepted in society. Their belief is pushing them not to eat at all which leads to dramatic weight loss.


A major cause of anorexia among teenage girls is the feeling of self-worthlessness. An unhealthy family environment, bullying in school, peer pressure and society pressure, can bring about such a feeling. They feel useless if they are bigger than others are. They do not feel valuable at all. These feelings make them feel unwanted and rejected so they turn to being anorexic instead. Most of the anorexic girls strive for perfection and perfection for them is being extremely thin.

Stressful Life

Stressful life events can lead to anorexia too. A teenage girl who feels stressed and always worried about life can suffer from anorexia unintentionally. As stress takes over life, teenage girls will eat less or totally stop eating to adapt to their changing situations. This cause for anorexia is easier to treat since there is really no problem with the mindset.
There are plenty more causes of anorexia that depends from one teenage girl to another. In addition, even teenage boys can become anorexic too. However, the chances are quite low since young men do not prioritize their looks often.

Anorexia Home Remedies Review

  • Get a small portion of ginger and peel off the outer layer. While grinding the ginger, add a few drops of lemon juice, a dash of asafetida and one black pepper. Keep grinding until you have a paste. Eat this in the morning as an appetizer.
  • Eat 2 to 3 oranges a day. They help increase the appetite.
  • Apples work the same way, stimulating the appetite.
  • Add 2 or 3 cloves of garlic to boiling water with about a teaspoon of lime juice. After it cools, drink this mixture for about a week and it should help increase the desire to eat.
  • Garlic stimulates digestion and increases the appetite so use it on salads and when preparing foods.
  • Vegetable or Chicken soup is an proficient appetizer.
  • Eat a salad made of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and beets about 10 minutes before the main course.
  • Make chapattis out of dough using flour and grape juice and a dash of rock salt. They will improve the appetite and help cure anorexia.
  • Eat spicy foods twice or more a week.
  • Use tomatoes a lot when preparing certain foods and eat them raw. This will help boost the appetite.

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