Prior to using home remedies for Angina, you should understand Angina and what it is and it’s causes. Angina is defined as chest pain and/or chest discomfort. This is created when the heart muscles do not get enough blood supply. Angina attacks can feel as though a person is having an actual heart attack, as it becomes extremely painful and is described as a crushing or squeezing type of pain in the chest. The jaw, neck, shoulders and back may also be effected by an angina attack as well. Angina is some cases may be less severe and has been reported as a feeling of bad indigestion.

angina home remediesAngina is caused by several conditions. Coronary Heart Disease, Aortic Valve Disease and Cardiovascular Diseases are the most common causes of angina. Other conditions can also cause Angina. Angina affects both men and women and can become very serious. Home remedies for angina have been used for decades. The most common at home remedies for angina and widely reported as helping and/or eliminating the pain associated with angina is rubbing a mixture of two teaspoons almond oil and one teaspoon rose oil on the chest twice a day. Many have also reported that boiling a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and a cup and a half of water the straining the soup and adding two teaspoons of honey, taken twice a day will also lesson the effects of angina attacks.

Many Angina patients have reported that making daily changes in their overall diets and living habits have directly impacted how they are affected by their angina. By changing diet, adding exercise (under the supervision of your Doctor) and keeping cholesterol levels controlled will aso aid in controlling angina pain.

Home Remedies

Lemon is the most simple home remedy for angina. If you can take in only one lemon a day in your food – by squeezing it over a fresh garden salad or in water you will be well on your way to controlling and/or curing your angina. Lemon stops the accumulation of cholesterol and slows the accumulation that blocks the blood in your vessels.

Garden vegetables for example not only control angina but also maintain overall health, whereas dairy products should be avoided or at the very least taken under strict supervision.

Garlic is and has always been known as a wonderful supplement for many ailments including heart ailments. 2-3 cloves of raw garlic in the morning go a very long way in naturally curing angina – over time. Both Garlic and Lemon should also find a place in your daily diet if you suffer from angina and for other home remedies.

Basil Leaves – In India, Basil leaves are known as tulsi leaves and its widely used for home remedies. The best cure for angina is that of the basil leaves. By chewing a few basil leaves at the start of your morning can greatly reduce the angina and may over time eliminate it altogether.

Other super-foods reported as curing and/or managing angina naturally and used for home remedies are grapes, other citrus fruits, parsley, onion and honey.

It’s important to remember that a healthy diet and exercise, even small walks will help in your fight against angina. These home remedies, incorporated in your daily diet and regimen of managing angina will help you keep a safe distance from re-occurring attacks.