All of us have it at one time or another. When the stress is too much and passes over a certain threshold, we experience fatigue. The body has a way of coping with too much stress; and this way works up to a point. The hormones that are released help us get through what our body believes is an emergency. We can experience a sudden surge of both strength and speed. Also the stress response can make us all but immune to pain.

But if the body is subjected to continuous, overwhelming stress, then the adrenal glands become exhausted themselves and hormone production plummets to far below optimum levels. And when the adrenals are dogging it, then you have a mind and body that are unable to deal in a normal way with stress.

Adrenal Insufficiency

As you can see, this can be a very important issue and concern. Adrenal insufficiency can be extremely deleterious to all aspects of a persons existence. In their job, relationships and personally as well Inability to think, extreme lethargy, and an inability to focus, all are results of the adrenal glands closing down “Brain Fog” and sleepiness are just two results that you can expect. Even after a normal sleep duration, you can still feel that it is not enough. And want to return to bed. With adrenal insufficiency you can wake up in the morning just as tired as when you went to bed at night. People feel like they have had no rest whatsoever..

The causes for this condition are both legion and complex. Everything from being overweight to low red blood cells to anorexia, or bulimia can all be factored in. Stress and infection, even hypertension can all play a role.

 Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue can be caused in many different ways. The first thing to do when treating this condition, like many other conditions, is to look for lifestyle changes that may help. More times than not lifestyle is the culprit when it comes to adrenal insufficiency. If you eat poorly, avoid physical activity, suffer from sleeplessness, then probably you have a solution to your problem if you just make some simple changes. If you want to normalize your stress hormone levels, there are methods that will result in a restoration of your energy levels.

Remedies Review

Method one: Get some shut eye! Sleep! If you need to get up early, then you need to get to bed early. 8 hours is good, but you can get by with 6. If you get up at 7am then go to sleep at 11pm. Don’t forget to turn off the TV and avoid late night snacks.

Method two: Maintain a regular diet. Not eating breakfast and deleting meals during the day can lead to a reduction in the metabolism rate. Fat and sugar will not be metabolized to give you energy throughout the day. If lifestyle changes and home treatments aren’t enough to bring back your energy levels, even when you have had enough sleep, there could be a serious underlying condition and you should seek medical help.

If you implement this article into your life, you should soon be able to get off the couch again and get out the door to say hello to a brand new world. Adrenal Fatigue does not have to be a prison sentence. And you will love being normal again.

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