The Origins Of Acupuncture

For millennia there have been treatments to cure and treat ailments and diseases of every sort. Not just those of the body, but also of the mind. There have always been alternative treatments for these…One of the most enduring of these ancient treatments is called acupuncture. Many here in the western world believe that this is just a scam to separate gullible westerners from their money. read more . While no one can deny the substantial success that acupuncture has had here, the truth is that the Ancient Chinese were developing the treatment long before Marco Polo arrived in China, and long before there was any contact with the western world. If you truly do not know how acupuncture got its start then here are a few pieces information that you should know about in order to believe that acupuncture is a real therapy.

Acupuncture Is An Ancient Treatment

The historical record is clear that Acupuncture came into existence many thousands of years ago in China. This should dispel the assertions of the so-called “de-bunkers” that Acupuncture is just so much modern flim-flam. Doctors and professors from China are generally in accord with the conclusion that acupuncture, in large part, grew so rapidly because it was filling a vacuum that existed in China for other treatments. Chloroform, for one, was unknown. So necessarily surgery was very limited without anesthesia. There were other treatments, especially involving herbs, but acupuncture was used to complement almost everything.

What Sicknesses did Acupuncture Originally Cure?

From the common cold, to serious infections, to conditions that remain puzzling even today. Acupuncture was used to treat it all. But it was used in conjunction with almost every other treatment. Common olds and headaches were treated with acupuncture; so were arthritis, ear aches, dyspepsia, or upset stomach, as well as tooth pain. As the Chinese spread throughout the world, so did acupuncture. Now the knowledge covers not just Asia, but Europe and America as well.

How Acupuncture Spread

There are many theories as to how the introduction of acupuncture was brought to other countries throughout the world. However, as the spread of the news that acupuncture truly was a good form of therapy sped around the world, naturally there were individuals who were responsible for the introduction and teaching of the methods. In the United States, though, acupuncture has not been practiced widespread until just recently, but the benefit that acupuncture has brought to the United States has led to an acceptance by the majority.Looking at the broad picture, acupuncture therapy has truly been an amazing treatment modality that many people have called the miracle therapy; it seems to fix everything. or at the least make it better. The faith of the Chinese in acupuncture is firm and unshakeable. But it seems skeptics will remain skeptics for always.

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