Tips To Identify A Common Fever

There are instances when the common cold leads to stuffy and congested nose making it hard to breathe. However, there are cases where the common cold is too much and it causes a fever. This fever is called the common cold fever. Sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish if you are just suffering from a stuffy nose or already suffering from a common fever. Knowing what your sickness is will help in determining the best treatment that will make you recover faster.

Tips To Help You Identify A Common Fever

Common Fever - Check TemperatureCheck Your Temperature
This is quite an obvious one if you really want to know if you have a fever. However, when it comes to common cold fever, it is hard to determine if you really have a fever or not because common fevers are low-grade. Therefore, the best way to check is to use a thermometer. Do not drink any cold fluids before using the thermometer as this can affect the reading.

Check Your Throat
You may notice that there is a tickling in the throat when the cold starts. This worsens once the cold starts to appear and lingers. Use a flashlight and stand in front of the mirror. If there is redness in the throat area, this is normal. However, if the cold is severe and the common fever sets in, an infection in the throat may be causing it. This is the time to visit the doctor and ask for medicine to fight the infection.

Check Your Mucus
It sounds gross but you have to do it. To know if you have a common cold, the mucus should be color yellow or green. Normal mucus is just colored white and clear. The mucus can be runny, have thin consistency or thick consistency as it gets worse. If you have concluded that you have a common cold, this is probably what is causing your common fever. However, if you blow your nose and there is blood in the mucus, go to the doctor immediately.

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